See what current Otto users have to say about how Otto has helped them!



"Driving somewhere has suddenly become a really pleasant experience"

"I wanted to share my story of my driving experience with my new Otto. I am a fast driver and speed almost everywhere. I have been driving fast for almost 50 years. I learned to drive in Montreal and I was one of the fast drivers, even there! I get few tickets because I am very observant and careful where I speed. I don't speed where it might be dangerous like on a busy street or in a residential area."


"I recently got a ticket going 135 in a 100 zone and decided I needed to take control of my problem of speeding. I realized that getting a ticket is a crap shoot. It can happen anytime and many times or you can avoid it for quite a while. I had read about Otto online and thought it was a sensible way to deal with speeding rather than buy detectors and other gadgets that would allow me to continue speeding."


"I immediately stopped speeding with Otto. Not only do I obey the limit absolutely everywhere I drive but I no longer work to 'get the green lights' since speeding is no longer an option. Hearing that there is a red light camera makes me also realize that these cameras will eventually be measuring speed in some locations. Making an aggressive entrance onto a highway is now a thing of the past. Since I can't speed at all, why bother getting onto the highway sooner? Running a yellow light is now also a waste of time because if I can't speed, I can't hurry up a bit to make the light."


"So, now I can drive to work and really relax. It has taken the stress out of driving because speeding is stressful. If I am not speeding, I don't worry about that possible ticket. I don't have to keep an eye out for photo radar vehicles either. I just have to try to keep out of the way of the other speeders. They are free to do their own thing as far as I am concerned. I'm not trying to convert the world, just me."


PS. My wife now says that driving somewhere has suddenly become a really pleasant experience. Where she became upset and nervous before, we now talk and look around. The conversation is never about my speed. So, there you have it. It's earthshaking... for me anyway. Thanks! 

"This is no toy, but the most valuable asset to my driving in Winnipeg"

"I just purchased Otto Driving Companion for driving in Winnipeg and have tested it today. I had to tell you how very beneficial this device is for this city. I find that I cannot always be on the lookout for signs, red light cameras, speed limit changes, etc, so this is the perfect companion for driving safely in Winnipeg."


I should add that over the last year and three months I could have purchased four Otto’s with the amount I have had to pay in red light camera tickets."


"Thank you very much for the invention."

"Thanks to Otto I am more aware of my speed and a much safer driver"

"Since purchasing the Otto my driving habits have changed for the better. I never realized just how often I sped until I got Otto. Thanks to Otto I am more aware of my speed and a much safer driver. Paying for itself by avoiding a few photo radar speeding tickets is an added benefit. I would highly recommend this product to any driver.



Thank you to the team at Persentech for a great product and for the on-going development to make it even better!”

"Innovative Product that has made me a better driver"

"I have been using my Otto since it was first introduced a couple of years ago. I believe this device has not only saved me hundreds of dollars in Red Light Tickets, but it has also made me a better driver. As it is very easy to allow your speed to creep up on you, My Otto always is there to remind me to slow down!


This device may have saved a Life, in the second week I had the device I was approaching a cross walk, I looked away for a moment and the warning beeped, I looked up knowing the warning was for a pedestrian crossing and there was an elderly lady stepping out into the corridor, if it wasn't for the warning I may have ran right into this lady! Instantly I became very attached to my Otto!


The service I have received from Persen Technologies has been excellent, when I return from vacation this winter, my device would not lock in to the satellite. I sent the device over to Persen Technologies and the next day it was back in my vehicle repaired and keeping me in check!


I strongly recommend this device to anyone who drives, it has been very reliable, always up to date with current information and pays for it self in just one or two traffic tickets! This is an ideal product for any one in outside sales as you are always driving in different areas of your city! Congratulations to the team at Persen Technologies for a great and innovative product!"

"Excellent Product"

"I wanted to send a note of thanks for the service I received and the excellent product provided by your company. I purchased an "Otto Driving Companion" unit in the summer of 2006 and subsequently purchased a second unit for my wife. I am pleased with the product and it has worked without any problems since I first purchased it.


As a newspaper photographer, the unit is on 8 hours a day, making my driving safer. Your web page and services provided are user friendly and "first rate" in my opinion. The passion you have for your business is evident when talking directly with you and I appreciate your attention to detail and customer service. I have recommended your product and referred people to your web site as a result of my experience dealing with you"

"I think that this has made me a better driver than I was."

"One of the reasons that I purchased Otto was the fact that my speedometer is out and the cost of fixing it is more than Otto cost. I now know the exact numbers. Many cars are out in this fashion and I did get caught by a radar camera van. I think that this has made me a better driver than I was."


"I drive a classic car - 1959 Jaguar - with a speedometer in MPH. Math is not my strong point, so instant conversion to KPH does not occur. I have not received any speeding tickets since mounting Otto on the walnut dash."

"...the best purchase that I have made in a very long time."

"I have had the device only for a day now and I know this is the best purchase that I have made in a very long time. I lent it to a friend last night because I was going to Brandon this morning, the reason was that his daughter is learning to drive and I realized what a perfect tool this was in aiding a driver. The amount of data our brain has to digest is overwhelming, between my house and my office there is 2 crosswalks, 2 school zones, and the Dangerous Bishop Grandin / St. Annes . The Cross walk at St. Annes and Meadowood has taken 2 lives in recent memory and possible more plus numerous injuries. I know when my children are ready to drive they will have your device on board at all time to notify them of the hazards and cautions. "


"I didn't realize how much of a lead-foot I was. I like that I can change the sounds based on what works for me. Overall, it's an awesome and effective unit."

"...it has changed the way I drive."

"An interesting thing about my Ottomate, whether I have it running or stowed away, it has changed the way I drive. Now I don't drift over the speed limit (5 to 10 km), but just keep it at the speed limit (I don't lollygag at 10 km below the limit either). I'm more alert about intersections and other hazards. I find that now I drive with the more relaxed "I'll get there when I get there" attitude instead of "being in a rush" (full time job, mini-van full of kids, etc., etc.). With this, I'm not pushing the speed limit and not taking as many chances with amber lights."


"I am really enjoying your product and I figured it has saved at least 3 tickets!"


"I was at the Driver-Ed seminar (Friday) and I was very impressed with Otto. So impressed I dropped by Royal Tire and purchased one. I can definitely see where Otto will assist me in driver training."


"This is just a phenomenal piece of equipment. When you’re on your way to work or heading back home, you’re often thinking about what you have to do when you get there. Otto gives you gentle reminders about what’s going on around you. It’s changing my driving habits."