PERSENTECH provides the most complete and accurate speed limit and municipal information that is available from published sources including those from municipal, provincial, state, and federal traffic authorities. Virtually all data sources contain inaccurate or incomplete data to some degree since some data is not available or is inconsistent with actual posted speed limits that may change from time to time.  Because of the uncertainty associated with such data, it is the user’s responsibility to use this software prudently and to follow the posted signs at all times.  OttoMobile™ is intended to be used only as a driving aid, designed to promote safe driving by complementing existing roadway signage.  All locations in your municipality’s road network are potential safety hazards, and you should always be driving with due care and caution.  The driver of the vehicle maintains full responsibility in using the application and for operating the vehicle in a safe manner in accordance with local laws and posted speed limits.  


It is the user’s responsibility to use the OttoMobile application prudently. The application is intended to be used only as a driving aid and must not be used for any purpose requiring precise measurement of speed, direction, distance, location, or topography. The GPS system is operated by the United States Government, which is solely responsible for its accuracy and maintenance. The system is subject to changes that could affect the accuracy and performance of all GPS equipment. Although the iPhone includes a GPS receiver, GPS position and speed information can be incorrect or misinterpreted and, therefore, the information presented within the OttoMobile application will be incorrect. USE THE OTTOMOBILE™ APPLICATION ON THE SMARTPHONE AT YOUR OWN RISK. WHEN IN ACTUAL USE, CAREFULLY COMPARE INDICATIONS FROM THE DEVICE WITH EXISTING ROADWAY SIGNAGE AND TO ANY OTHER AVAILABLE SOURCES. FOR SAFETY, ALWAYS RESOLVE ANY DISCREPANCIES BEFORE CONTINUING WITH THE USE OF THE DEVICE AND APPLICATION FOR INDICATION OF SPEED LIMIT DATA AND OTHER MAP DATA POINTS.


In no event shall PERSENTECH be liable for any fine, penalty, punishment, or any notice of intended prosecution or photo enforcement summonses issued to anyone using the OttoMobile application in respect of any speeding violation, red light violation, or other traffic violation. OttoMobile users remain responsible for observing all relevant laws and codes of safe driving, and the consequences of their driving behaviour.
Furthermore, PERSENTECH cannot be responsible in any manner for any accessory equipment that are attached to or used in connection with the smartphone and PERSENTECH cannot be responsible for any damage to the smartphone resulting from the use of the OttoMobile™ application.  It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the smartphone is properly mounted and that a proper power source is used to maintain operation while using the application.


The user also agrees that all airtime charges are their responsibility.  Some features of the OttoMobile application require network data (such as downloading maps, sending heartbeats, and viewing trip traces) and may be subject to airtime charges by your wireless provider.  Please be aware of these potential charges.