Is OttoMobile For Me?



Driving safely without incident is becoming more challenging for Novice Drivers, Older Adults, "Frequent Flyers" with driver licensing problems, and for Career Drivers whose job requires them to be on the road every day. Some situations faced by such drivers include:

  • Driving within municipalities with a clutter of roadway signage that may be confusing or distracting.
  • Vehicles with lower road noise that cause the driver to speed excessively without realizing the speed of the vehicle.
  • Using one’s cell phone for voice, texting and email while driving, which leads to distractions.
  • General distractions including eating, grooming or daydreaming while driving that can lead to unawareness of the signage and driving environment and that can result in speeding fines and collisions.

OttoMobile is an application for your GPS-enabled iPhone smartphone that will enhance your driving experience. You will receive speeding notifications and other location-based alerts with voice, sound and visual feedback in real-time as you drive about the community to help minimize the distractions on the road.


Use of a smartphone for voice, text, email or Internet browsing while driving is not recommended and is considered illegal in many jurisdictions. OttoMobile is intended to support the driver as a driver assistance system or driving companion, so the smartphone should be properly mounted for “hands-free” use near dashboard area. After launching the OttoMobile application with a single button push, the application will assist the driver with voice and sounds as well as visual alerts.


Is OttoMobile for you? OttoMobile provides you with relevant and useful information about the world around you. With more information, you can make better decisions, enjoy an enhanced driving experience, and have greater peace of mind!