What Is OttoMobile?

OttoMobile™ is an application for GPS-enabled iPhone® smartphones and is designed to be used while driving. It features:

  • Alerts for speeding, school zone and playground areas, crosswalks, hazardous intersections, wildlife crossings and even red-light camera controlled intersection locations .
  • trip logging with real-time trip information, post trip statistics including trip mileage, and trip trace routes on a map.
  • OttoHeartbeat real-time location tracking that sends your location to a secure website, where your family and friends can keep track of your whereabouts (with data plan and where cell phone coverage is available).

The benefits include:

  • Increases driver awareness, providing greater focus and relaxation.
  • Assists inexperienced drivers and improves driving habits.
  • Assists drivers in unfamiliar cities.
  • Provides easy trip tracking and mileage expense reporting.
  • Potentially saves money from speeding violations and red light camera fines.

The OttoMobile application includes a tracking function that allows you to configure your Otto "heartbeat" period - a time period when your location information is sent and stored temporarily on a website. You can to control who will be able to view your location by sending an e-mail with the secure website link.  You can enable or disable the heartbeat at any time, and can reset the website link with a single click. The main benefit to you and your friends and family is the peace-of-mind resulting from the knowledge that access to your whereabouts is available and road side assistance or emergency assistance can be easily dispatched if necessary.


OttoMobile will assist you in driving safer and smarter by reminding you when you exceed the speed limit and by alerting you to potentially hazardous areas. Attach your smartphone with an appropriate mount near your dashboard, launch the OttoMobile application, and experience a new sense of driving confidence. With your OttoMobile at your side, you can continue to use your phone safely by taking calls via Bluetooth or by speakerphone or you can continue playing music, knowing that your companion is there to assist you!



OttoMobile™ is designed for hands-free use. The voice alerts keep your focus on the road ahead without distraction. When properly mounted and used, OttoMobile™ complies with existing "hands-free" legislation.