Map Coverage Areas

The OttoMobile™ coverage areas contain speed limits, school zones, playgrounds, hazardous intersections (as defined by a larger proportion of incidents at the intersections relative to others), crosswalks (actuated major crosswalk intersections), deer crossings (as defined by a municipality’s public works), and red light camera-controlled intersections. The coverage maps are not developed for navigation purposes and OttoMobile will not provide you with turn by turn instructions to travel between one location and another destination. The maps contain information that helps you remain focused on driving safely..


Maps for each coverage area are sold individually. Each purchase includes the original map plus one year of free updates for that coverage area. After one year, the update subscription expires but the current map remains installed on your device and can be used indefinitely.


Coverage maps are currently available for most major municipalities in Canada. Additional maps are being developed for both Canadian and U.S. locations. The following is the list of coverage maps that are currently available:

  British Columbia  
    Greater Vancouver Regional District including Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Delta, Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, New Westminister, Surrey, Langley
    Calgary and Airdrie (including Highway 2 between Calgary and Edmonton)
    Edmonton and St. Albert (including Highway 2 between Calgary and Edmonton)
    Red Deer
    Medicine Hat and Redcliff
    Moose Jaw
    Swift Current
    Rural Capital Region around Winnipeg
    Thunder Bay
    Oakville, Burlington and parts of Milton
    Mississauga and parts of Brampton
    Toronto and parts of Vaughan
    Markham, Scarborough, and Pickering
United States   
    Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Mountain View, and part of Sunnyvale.
San Jose
  North Dakota/ Minnesota  
    Grand Forks and East Grand Forks
    Melbourne and surrounding suburbs: Dromana, Hastings, Eumemmerring, Mooroolbark, Mill Park, Roxburgh Park, Werribee, and Portarlington.
New Zealand   
    Wellington and district



These maps are available for individual purchase and will remain on your OttoMobile account permanently. A map purchase includes one year of map updates, after which the subscription to the update service expires. To receive map updates after the subscription expires, launch the OttoMobile application, navigate to the “My Maps” area, and follow the map renewal instructions.

PERSENTECH’s provides the most complete and accurate speed limit and municipal information that is available from municipal, provincial, state, and federal traffic authority published data. Virtually all data sources contain inaccurate or incomplete data to some degree since some data is not available or is inconsistent with actual posted speed limits that may change from time to time. Because of the uncertainty associated with such data, it is the user’s responsibility to use this software prudently and to follow the posted signs at all times. OttoMobile is intended to be used only as a driving aid, and the driver should carefully compare indications from the application with existing roadway signage and follow the latter.


PERSENTECH's database of municipalities and road network attributes is an important element in the provisioning of coverage maps, the map update service, and in the integrity of the OttoMobile application for the iPhone device operation.  PERSENTECH develops and maintains the database with the available speed zone and road network infrastructure information that is published.  A combination of governmental and private data sources is used and we solicit our user-base for their input, allowing us to offer an on-going subscription service within each municipality, as well as to offer services including all municipal coverage areas. The areas excluded from the coverage maps include the following: Back lanes; parking lots; private roadways and driveways and any roads located on private property; cemeteries; golf courses; Provincial, State, Federal and Municipal parks; campgrounds; public places including but not limited to amusement parks, racetracks, zoos, arenas, stadiums, museums, hospitals, casinos, swimming pools, ice rinks; Government property including but not limited to military bases, airports, mints, post offices, historic sites, disposal yards; railway yards, stations, and shops; industrial parks; highway entrance & exit ramps; construction zones; any temporary speed limit restrictions (orange speed limit signs); any recommended reduced speed areas (yellow speed limit signs).