BlackBerry App

Transform your BlackBerry smartphone into a personal driving companion.


The OttoMobile™ application is available for purchase on App World and includes a download of one coverage area map (Home Map).  Additional coverage area maps are available for purchase separately using “my Maps” within the application itself.  There is currently no “Lite” or free version available for BlackBerry smartphone devices.


If you want to see the speed limit and alerts, mount it to your dashboard or windshield and watch as OttoMobile shows you how fast you're going and what to look out for.  If you just need to track your trip, turn down the volume, put your BlackBerry smartphone on the seat beside you, and let it log your trip for you.


A trip begins when the OttoMobile application is launched or when the driver manually ends a current trip- selected as either personal or business.  The trips are stored on the BlackBerry smartphone by year-month-day for either all trips, or specifically for the business and personal categories. The trip reports include trip statistics, reverse geocoding of the start and destination addresses, and the ability to trace the trip route over a BlackBerry smartphone map.


OttoMobile will never forget that your BlackBerry smartphone is still a phone.  If you get a call while OttoMobile is running, you can (safely!) take the call and OttoMobile will keep on running.  If you're in the passenger seat and tracking a trip for a friend, you can continue playing games or watching videos – OttoMobile will do its work behind the scenes.


OttoMobile is very easy to use.  If you're in a rush to get on the road, all you need to do is start OttoMobile, then select “Start Business Trip” or “Start Personal Trip”.  OttoMobile does the rest.  When you get to your destination, simply select “Stop Trip” and your trip is done.


The OttoMobile application also includes an “OttoHeartbeat” location tracking function.  If you have a data plan included with your BlackBerry smartphone service provider, you can configure the OttoMobile application to securely transmit your location to a remote website, which will store up to 10 location points with date-time-heading information.  You can send the link of this remote server to friends or family to allow them to track your location, or just as easily, you can clear the location function or turn it off when you require privacy.  The main benefit is the peace-of-mind resulting from the knowledge that access to your whereabouts is available at any time and road side assistance or emergency assistance could be easily dispatched if necessary.


The OttoMobile application can be personalized to your driving requirements.  The application’s settings include speed limit tolerances, i.e. speeding notification at 5% over the speed limit, the number and type of alert notifications, a selection of imperial or metric units for display, and management of your Otto account for maps and the heartbeat functionality.


OttoMobile provides you with relevant and useful information about the world around you.  With more information, you can make better decisions, enjoy an enhanced driving experience, and have greater peace of mind!


User Instructions - OttoMobile for the BlackBerry (PDF, 1 MB)