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We recommend and offer a number of in-vehicle mounts and power adapters to enhance the safety and visibility of your iPhone or BlackBerry.


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Many jurisdictions have legislation restricting the use of mobile devices while driving. The use of an iPhone bracket and an appropriate mount is highly recommended when using the OttoMobile™ application.

OttoMobile™ is intended to support the driver as a driver assistance system or driving companion, and this is achieved when the smartphone is properly mounted for “hands-free” use in-and-around the dashboard area. After mounting the smartphone, the driver need only start the OttoMobile application with a single button push.  

Mounting the iPhone with an appropriate mount in-and-around the dashboard area is also very important for the nominal operation of the GPS receiver within the device to accurately obtain a fix for position and the speed of the vehicle.  These two parameters are critical to the success of the operation of the OttoMobile application.

Bracket options and mounting options for the iPhone can be found at:

You may also purchase a select number of mounts and brackets directly from PERSENTECH by browsing to the online store at:




Power adapters    

Not unlike digital cameras or portable GPS NAV systems, the iPhone smartphones will consume battery power when the displays and the GPS receivers are operational.  The use of an external power source is highly recommended, particularly for longer trips.  Prolonged use without a secondary power source can drain the phone’s battery.

If you don’t already have a power adapter in your vehicle, check with your phone’s service provider or you can purchase a select variety of chargers from PERSENTECH directly by browsing to the online store at: